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Top Trumps: Negotiations skills could play a global game

Adam Merrett

12 January 2017

Obama has given his farewell address and America’s future with Donald Trump will begin on 20th January. Not only will there be a period of change afoot for stateside businesses and individuals, but what happens next could impact the rest of the world too. In order to keep some form of order, team Trump will need to listen to their country’s wants and needs and fit them in with the demands of others.

Battling controversy

There’s no doubt that media coverage of Trump’s election win sparked debate on both sides of camp. From the very beginning, his election lead to outcries of the States voting system being “rigged”, with complaints that some states had more clout than others when it came to counting votes and that it was this reason that Trump was first past the post.

After getting off on the wrong foot, Trump’s critics were quick to fan the flames, saying he was abrasive and that his prehistoric attitudes would lead to political unrest. His ideas about immigration have already fuelled a division both within the States and across the world.

Regardless, supporter or otherwise, Donald Trump won the elections fair and square. His support was underestimated, but it doesn’t make it any less real.

What the world wants

Now Trump is in a position of power, the world is looking to him to lead. Those who voted for him did so because they felt he could act as a mouthpiece for their views – particularly for those who previously felt ignored. This means he should be in a good position to speak his mind and stand firmly behind what he believes.

He also got people’s votes for being one of the biggest personalities in the American mainstream – a force to be reckoned with it would seem. As a shrewd business tycoon, surely that comes with a reputation for strong leadership and the ability to run large, global enterprises.

However, as well as people’s beliefs in these abilities, the effect of any unpopular decisions could be felt hard. No doubt his policies and his personality will translate internationally into rapport with other outspoken leaders, so we could see some disagreement on future horizons.

Negotiation is key

As with any major events, success relies on a strong leader who can negotiate through a period of uncertainty and make the difficult decisions for the benefit of all. There is already disagreement on many fronts and as a professional mediator, I can see that the middle ground solution that will make everyone comfortable to move forward may be some way off. For Trump, his supporters and critics, it will be the power of negotiation that will enable resolution.

As a mediator, I am interested in how the all parties involved in Trump’s decisions will work together harmoniously or otherwise. Just like any ordinary situation relating to mediation, the solution rests with the parties and I wish them well in their endeavours.

About Adam Merrett

Adam Merrett

Adam joined Wilkins Kennedy in 1997 and is the Managing Partner of Orpington. His extensive experience enables him to provide an imaginative and credible approach to the work he is involved with. Adam is dedicated to supporting his clients and providing them with a valuable source of guidance. Adam belongs to the Members Academy of Experts (MAE), is a member of the Expert Witness Institute (MEWI), and is accredited by them as being a qualified dispute resolver (QDR) specialising in mediation and expert determination.

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