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Gender pay gap reporting deadline is approaching – are you prepared?

Jon Heddle

28 March 2018

The controversial gender pay gap never seems to be out of the headlines, but for all organisations employing 250 people or more the deadline for reporting is fast approaching.

New legislation was introduced in 2017 that required employers with 250 employees or more to publish their gender pay gaps every year. This came in two sets. The first mainly applied to private and voluntary sectors and took effect from 5 April 2017 and the second was mainly for the public sector, which took effect from 31 March 2017. Employers then had 12 months to publish this information, so employers need to make sure they hit this deadline.

What are the new requirements?

Any employer that has more than 250 staff is required to comply with the new legislation. Relevant employers must be able to calculate and report on several areas of their gender pay gap, including average bonuses received and how many males and females received a bonus payment as well as the mean and median gender pay gap. There is also a requirement to produce a written statement of this information, which must be authorised and confirmed by an appropriate senior person.

What do employers need to do?

ACAS has set out the following recommendations for employers that need to report their gender pay gaps:

  • Identify which employees count as relevant employees and record relevant employees and full-pay relevant employees are male or female.
  • Record all bonuses received in the relevant bonus period for all relevant employees.
  • Record all ordinary pay received in the relevant pay period for full-pay relevant employees only.
  • Record the weekly working hours for full-pay relevant employees only.
  • Record the ‘hourly pay’ for full-pay relevant employees only.

For more information on our gender pay gap reporting, you can download our latest Payroll Update here. You can also contact the payroll team at Wilkins Kennedy to see how we can help.

About Jon Heddle

Jon Heddle

Jon joined Wilkins Kennedy back in 1979. He is the payroll manager for our Southend on Sea branch and is a Fellow member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

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