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Customs, clearances and Brexit: Should you consider AEO?

Geoff Collis

12 January 2018

Numerous question marks remain over Britain’s exit from the EU.

Now that the second phase of the negotiations are to commence, our future trading relationship is at the forefront of talks.

In particular, debate will start about how we will continue to do business with other EU and non-EU countries, ideally in the tariff-free way that we currently enjoy.

In its recently issued White Paper Customs Bill: legislating for the UK’s future customs, VAT and excise regimes, the Government refers on several occasions to Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO).

AEO was originally designed to simplify customs clearance throughout the EU and to improve both security and efficiency. It is likely that in a post-Brexit world it will become a pre-requisite for all UK businesses trading internationally.

Currently, AEO is not mandatory for businesses. However, it can give quicker access to certain simpler customs processes and in some cases, can even fast-track shipments through relevant security and safety procedures.

If you wish to know more about or consider AEO further we suggest you look here.

If after review this is something that you consider your business could benefit from please contact Geoff Collis (geoff.collis@wilkinskennedy.com) or 01329 220 554.

About Geoff Collis

Geoff Collis

Geoff joined Wilkins Kennedy in November 2013 following the merger with CW Fellowes . He joined CW Fellowes in January 2009. He trained locally before joining one of the top six accountancy firms in the south where he was a director in the business outsourcing and advisory team. Geoff has more than 25 years' experience in advising small and medium-sized enterprises on domestic and international matters. He advises start-ups to multi-million pound turnover businesses including asset-rich sole traders, partnerships and companies in a variety of sectors. Geoff has also undertaken non-executive finance roles for businesses in the defence, environmental, professional, property and fast-moving goods industries.

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