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Did the wise men pay IHT on their gifts?

Rick Schofield

16 December 2016

We all know that the three wise men journeyed for days to bring the baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but if they were extra-wise, they would know to give these gift from surplus income – and that … Read More >>

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An electric open sleigh

Paul Nixon

09 December 2016

If he hasn’t done so already, Saint Nick might want to consider purchasing a new sleigh that is electricity powered – or at least a hybrid with his flying reindeer. Not only could he see some significant tax advantages in … Read More >>

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Have yourself a charity Christmas

Bruce Elkins

13 December 2015

As many of my friends and colleagues will know, 2015 has been a milestone year for me. Not only have I marked a close to 25 years of fundraising by completing a series of challenges, my overall aim was to … Read More >>

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Updating Santa’s workshop before the AIA changes

Bob Southey

Santa’s rounds must work out to be pretty costly. There’s his workshop, which is filled with all the latest machinery and equipment to churn out millions of toys as quickly and as cost effectively as possible, then there’s his sleigh … Read More >>

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Theatre Tax Relief – Are You Staging Your Claim?

Bozena Botul

First announced in the Autumn Statement in 2013, the Theatre Tax Relief (TTR) has been with us for just over a year and is beginning to provide a significant financial boost to a wide range of theatrical productions. The TTR … Read More >>

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Driving the benefits of electric

Rick Schofield

29 July 2015

Electric cars represent a cleaner, greener way to use everyday transport. Thanks to the recent developments in technology they can be seen as a reliable alternative to the traditional fuel vehicles. Not only that, the tax man is also offering … Read More >>

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Tax Free Gifts For Staff This Christmas

Jale Cenktas

23 December 2014

Are you thinking of saying thank you to your team this Christmas? Everyone loves a Christmas bonus but the taxman is always standing beside Santa to take his bit away. However there are some gifts to staff that are tax … Read More >>

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Inheritance tax worries over Christmas gifts? Fear not!

Alison Nayler

22 December 2014

Inheritance tax issues can always be a worry for people who are intent on leaving a sizeable fortune for their family when they pass on. Ensuring that your family is taken care of when you are no longer around is … Read More >>

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Tax rebates on safety clothing could make a difference to Santa

Conway Vince

11 December 2014

There is no need to be a Grinch as we enter the festive part of the year, because even if pennies are tight, there may be areas in which you are due a tax rebate that you have overlooked… One … Read More >>

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Will this year’s Autumn Statement see the UK live long and prosper?

Matthew Hall

The Autumn Statement was received to many as a welcome boost to people’s pockets, alongside investment in infrastructure, better lending to SMEs, help for the high street and measures to increase tax flows from multinationals and the banks. But, will … Read More >>

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