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Change comes from the top

Louise Brittain

08 March 2018

When I became pregnant with my first child, I was a partner at a medium-sized accountancy practice. I thought little of it at the time, but my announcement resulted in the firm having to hurriedly change its partnership deed to … Read More >>

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Brexit – Employment of EU Nationals and UK employees

Hayley Perkin

27 June 2016

In the light of a majority vote in favour of Britain leaving the European Union, governance surrounding employment is likely to face several months of uncertainty, as certain EU regulations are untangled from the web. There have already been hints … Read More >>

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Success on the South Coast

Adam Wilson

09 June 2016

There have been a few things to shout about here on the South Coast, where Wilkins Kennedy has four offices situated in Winchester, Romsey, Portsmouth and Southampton. Award wins through to promotions, I am pleased to share with you the … Read More >>

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Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act – Latest Developments

Sarah Hannaford

26 April 2016

This month sees the latest tranche of measures from the Government’s Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act (SBEE) coming into force. The Act is a key part of the Government’s overarching project to make the UK the ‘most attractive place … Read More >>

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The removal of dispensations relating to employee expenses

Hayley Perkin

04 March 2016

It has been on the cards for two years, but the abolition of dispensations is now just a few weeks away and time is running out for any employers that have not prepared for the changes. Even those that are … Read More >>

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Driving the costs of company fuel: what can you claim?

Dave Hedges

29 February 2016

The use of a company vehicle where an employer also provides fuel can result in an expensive and unwanted tax cost for the unwary. For example, does the company provide a fuel card to its company car users and if … Read More >>

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Give your employees an early Christmas present

Joyce Jones

08 December 2015

Have you ever sat at your desk and wondered how you can treat your employees for Christmas? Would they all like a team lunch, a Christmas party, an early finish on Christmas Eve or perhaps an extra day’s holiday? Perhaps, … Read More >>

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Christmas Funnies On Email Are Harmless Enough – Aren’t They?

Alison Nayler

Imagine the scenario … It’s the wind down to Christmas and your employees are enjoying a brief lull with a frothy-coffee and a mince pie. At the same time, someone has hit ‘forward to all’ with the latest internet funny; … Read More >>

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Can you ever be too old for Christmas?

Sarah Coia

17 December 2014

Picture the scenario: One of Santa’s eldest but trusted elves is struggling to carry presents to the sleigh this year due to his advancing years. He’s been working for the big guy for more years than he can remember and … Read More >>

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Zero tolerance on Zero Hour Contracts

Victoria Chambers

26 November 2014

It is a topic which has been in the media spotlight for a while, but it seems that finally, the Government is cracking down on the use of zero hour contracts. There is much controversy around the contracts, because whilst … Read More >>

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