More change for P11Ds

Rio Brookes-Gibbs

23 May 2018

With the 2017/18 tax year now over, it is time for employers to turn their attention to reporting the expenses and benefits that they have provided to their staff on forms P11D. The deadline for reporting to HMRC is 6 … Read More >>

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Heathrow staff and partners limbered up for Staines 10K

Tommy White

21 May 2018

We’ve never been ones to shy away from a challenge; so when the opportunity came up to get involved in the Staines 10k event we jumped at the chance. Whilst this is our first time sponsoring the race, Wilkins Kennedy’s … Read More >>

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Social engineering can be a threat to your business

Neil Robins

17 May 2018

We often hear about a common type of hacker, who can access networks or computer systems externally with a certain level of technical expertise, but what about those who can access your systems, without hacking, because you have given them … Read More >>

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If you use e-payslips, you will need to comply with GDPR

Victoria Chambers

11 May 2018

The deadline is fast approaching for businesses to comply with GDPR, but the focus on data protection is mainly outwardly focused. What about in-house data for use, such as, for e-payslips? The very nature of electronic communication means that it … Read More >>

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Sainsbury’s and Asda merger – the bigger the better?

Phil Mullis

30 April 2018

Plans to merge two of the big four supermarkets were announced this weekend. But, whilst an Asda-Sainsbury’s merger could create a supermarket giant better for business and better for shareholders, will it be better for the customer? Erosion of market … Read More >>

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Some relief for ATED returns

Tim Collerton

25 April 2018

It’s Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) return season, so if you either own or have a share in residential property, you may be preparing to file your return or relief claims for the year 2018/2019. The deadline for filing … Read More >>

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The Grand National: tax relief doesn’t fall at the first hurdle, even if your horse does

Gina Bartlett

23 April 2018

As per my previous blog, keeping up with the horse racing events calendar feels like part of my day job – and I get to enjoy a bit of down time too. Again, the Grand National got me thinking about the … Read More >>

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Inheritance tax: it’s time to give some thought to giving

Paul Hopper

19 April 2018

Last year, the Treasury collected more than £5 billion in inheritance tax, making it one of Britain’s highest streams of national income since the early 1980s. Rising property prices are dragging middle-class families into the IHT net and if you … Read More >>

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Requirement to Correct – time is running out

Peter Goodman

09 April 2018

Tougher penalties are about to kick in for anyone with undeclared offshore tax matters, as part of the Government’s new Requirement to Correct (RTC) legislation. Taxpayers are urged to get their tax affairs in order – before the 30 September … Read More >>

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If it looks like an elephant and it sounds like an elephant…

Ross Bartholomew

02 April 2018

In over 30 years advising on the finer points of VAT, I have encountered an endless variety of attempts to circumnavigate a common tax issue. Disaggregation, or the artificial separation of businesses, is where more than one entity is created … Read More >>

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