Retailers: management information is key

Phil Mullis

01 March 2017

It goes without saying that information is key in business, but for retailers in particular, juggling forecasts and predictions for stock levels is a regular occurrence – especially if you have to take the weather into account as well. Part … Read More >>

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Non-doms: tax changes are clear

Peter Goodman

27 February 2017

The Government recently announced some changes relating to the way non-domiciled individuals are taxed. Following initial consultation, responses were published in draft legislation on 5 December 2016, but there was still some uncertainty relating to the rebasing of individuals who … Read More >>

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Proud to support Kent’s excellent businesses

Marc Farmer

31 January 2017

This year, Wilkins Kennedy’s Kent offices in Ashford, Canterbury, Maidstone, Orpington and Sandwich, have decided to sponsor the Kent Excellence in Business Awards (KEiBA) 2017. Wilkins Kennedy experienced tremendous growth during 2016 and early 2017 – particularly in the Kent … Read More >>

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Mitigating risk: How does your charity fare?

Ken Young

26 January 2017

Wilkins Kennedy’s Charity Seminars have become a popular feature in the annual calendar. Our aim is to bring together a number of not-for-profit organisations and charities and discuss with them any issues affecting their sector. With such a vast number … Read More >>

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Top Trumps: Negotiations skills could play a global game

Adam Merrett

12 January 2017

Obama has given his farewell address and America’s future with Donald Trump will begin on 20th January. Not only will there be a period of change afoot for stateside businesses and individuals, but what happens next could impact the rest … Read More >>

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Risk management: Hedging your bets

Phil Mullis

09 January 2017

We’ve all considered taking a coat or umbrella with us somewhere if it looks like the good old British weather is going to let us down. If you have done this then you made a hedging decision – in other … Read More >>

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Happy New Year, happy 135th birthday Wilkins Kennedy

David Fenn

01 January 2017

There’s no doubt that 2016 was a great year for the firm. We successfully merged with a number of offices, two of which afforded us brand new locations in Canterbury and Maidstone, strengthening our presence in the Kent region. As … Read More >>

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How much tax is on your Christmas table?

Nicola Holmes

25 December 2016

We all remember the pasty tax of years gone by, but whilst for many it was a minor, temporary media disturbance, the debate surrounding VAT and food is on-going. So, when considering our Christmas dinner and plates piled high before … Read More >>

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Santa should look out for new FRS accounting frameworks

Paul Creasey

24 December 2016

During the summer of 2015, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) issued a new reporting framework for small and micro entities. If this is likely to affect Santa, then he might want to think about how he will present his accounts … Read More >>

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Joseph was a carpenter…

Paul Nixon

23 December 2016

We all know the traditional Christmas story of Mary and Joseph the carpenter from Nazereth in Galilee. If Joseph was born today there could be a number of tax reliefs available to him as a self-employed workman. Capital allowances on … Read More >>

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