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Thinking of gifting something different this Christmas?

Jemima Jones

13 October 2017

It feels far too early to be thinking about Christmas, but with the nights pulling in and weather turning colder, it is hardly surprising that our thoughts start turning towards the festive season. For an employer, it can be a … Read More >>

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VAT and property searches: law firms no post-box for results says judge

Andy Dawbarn

04 October 2017

A recent story has drawn attention to a key piece of legislation relating to VAT liabilities on property search fees – and it could have a wider impact on conveyancing. A law firm has been ordered to pay a £68,000 VAT … Read More >>

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Are you caught in the SDLT trap?

Tom Lacey

26 September 2017

A recent story reported that HMRC has handed back £127m in Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) charges. Despite the daunting headline, these claims are perfectly legitimate and apply to anyone who has sold their main residence at some point after buying … Read More >>

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Corporation tax loss relief: more flexible rules apply

James Harper

17 August 2017

The Government has now released draft legislation to which reforms Corporation Tax loss relief are to be introduced this autumn in the Finance Bill 2017. The aim is to give more flexibility in the way losses can be used when … Read More >>

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Short Term Business Visitors: payroll issues

Peter Goodman

06 June 2017

If you employ an international workforce, you may already be familiar with the challenges relating to taxation of individuals if they are normally based overseas, but visit the UK temporarily to work. Employers should be aware that HMRC has specialist … Read More >>

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Spring Budget highlights 2017

Matthew Hall

08 March 2017

The Chancellor has just delivered a Budget that promised to show “no complacency before Brexit” and many awaited what lay ahead for the “last ever” Spring Budget. Here is a summary from the latest announcements: Economy GDP growth forecast 2017      … Read More >>

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Non-doms: tax changes are clear

Peter Goodman

27 February 2017

The Government recently announced some changes relating to the way non-domiciled individuals are taxed. Following initial consultation, responses were published in draft legislation on 5 December 2016, but there was still some uncertainty relating to the rebasing of individuals who … Read More >>

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How much tax is on your Christmas table?

Nicola Holmes

25 December 2016

We all remember the pasty tax of years gone by, but whilst for many it was a minor, temporary media disturbance, the debate surrounding VAT and food is on-going. So, when considering our Christmas dinner and plates piled high before … Read More >>

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Joseph was a carpenter…

Paul Nixon

23 December 2016

We all know the traditional Christmas story of Mary and Joseph the carpenter from Nazereth in Galilee. If Joseph was born today there could be a number of tax reliefs available to him as a self-employed workman. Capital allowances on … Read More >>

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Have yourself a Merry Digital Christmas

David Kitson

22 December 2016

The Government’s goal to “go digital” was announced as part of the March 2015 Budget and will seek to transform tax compliance by 2020. By the end of 2016, every individual and small business will have access to their own … Read More >>

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