Can Lord Nelson teach us a thing or two about leading charities to victory?

Michelle Wilkes

24 October 2013

All high jumpers used to jump forwards, until one dared to jump backwards, according to the latest TV ads, but it appears that more historical figures have been challenging the rules long before Dick Fosbury.

As Lord Horatio Nelson led the British fleet to one of the largest naval victories ever recorded in the history of mankind, he said:

‘Time is everything; five minutes make the difference between victory and defeat’.

His attack challenged the rules of tactics, replacing precision for weight, swiftness for bulk and he manoeuvred his fleet with speed and flexibility through a raging battle to triumph.

So what can we take from this, and what has it got to do with charity?
On 5th March 2014 Wilkins Kennedy will be hosting the Kent Charities Convention at Chatham Historic Dockyard – the same date 208 years after Nelson led the British fleet to victory. Could his ethos of challenging the rules apply to you? Could your charity benefit from a radical overhaul?

At Wilkins Kennedy, we take a fresh look at the world of charity finance and we aim to provide the right setting for you to obtain innovative ideas and tool kits for guiding your organisation forward.

The half day conference offers both Trustees and senior management exclusive workshops, round table and panel discussions, giving a fresher approach to fundraising and finance.

More information will be available soon, so keep an eye on our website for details.
Save the date!

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