Corporation tax loss relief: more flexible rules apply

James Harper

17 August 2017

The Government has now released draft legislation to which reforms Corporation Tax loss relief are to be introduced this autumn in the Finance Bill 2017. The aim is to give more flexibility in the way losses can be used when … Read More >>

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Why the Making Tax Digital delay shouldn’t stop you moving to the Cloud

Simon Woodhams

14 August 2017

Making Tax Digital (“MTD”) continues to be a hot topic, especially after the Government’s recent announcement of a delay to the proposed start date. However, just because the timetable has been pushed back, now is not the time for businesses … Read More >>

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Brexit: what is next for farming?

Ian McIntyre

09 August 2017

The questions surrounding Brexit keep coming and for the farming industry there have been a number of raised concerns, particularly around the continuation of critical farm subsidies and the cap. We didn’t have to wait long to hear what was … Read More >>

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Are you below the limit?

Jon Brand

24 July 2017

Audit thresholds have changed recently, leaving many companies wondering if they will be required to carry out an audit. But, just because you may now be below the limit for a compulsory audit, it doesn’t mean you don’t need one, … Read More >>

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SDLT changes and the effect on conveyancing work

Tommy White

19 July 2017

When the Government introduced the increased Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) for second homeowners, there was significant concern in the legal sector that this could account for a reduced amount of conveyancing work for law firms, as people delayed, or … Read More >>

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New Charity Governance Code sets out higher standards

Maria Maltby

14 July 2017

Following consultation which closed in February 2017, the Steering Group for the Charity Governance Code published the final version of the new Charity Governance Code on 13 July 2017. It outlines several recommendations including increasing the number of external reviews, … Read More >>

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Data protection accreditation – a brief overview

Neil Robins

03 July 2017

There are a number of levels of data protection accreditation currently available to businesses, I will attempt below to show how they relate to each other and give guidance as to their suitability for different sized business. In addition, I … Read More >>

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Retail: The past doesn’t always dictate the future

Phil Mullis

29 June 2017

Lots of retailers invest in data and information relating to patterns and growth trends when deciding what to stock in their stores. For smaller retailers, however, it can be difficult to find the cash. One solution could actually mean looking … Read More >>

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Benchmarking at breakfast

Tommy White

26 June 2017

Every year, NatWest Bank produces a legal sector benchmarking survey, which is prepared using data from their law firm clients across the country. At our WK Law seminar on 22 June, attendees had a chance to look at the findings … Read More >>

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Come in, do you read me?

Stephen Grant

20 June 2017

At our most recent South Bucks Business Breakfast event, a majority of the 70-plus business owners in the room raised their hand to the question: “Who agrees that staff is your biggest expense?” It was a great reminder that there … Read More >>

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