Brexit: Driving change in the motoring industry

Kevin Walmsley

12 August 2016

Working with the motor sector in the last few weeks since the EU Referendum, we have noticed a growing interest in relation to vehicle sales.  Is this an economic indicator? Potentially, Yes! Following our research as a firm we are … Read More >>

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Accounting for change: New role at the University of Winchester

Bruce Elkins

09 August 2016

It gives me great pleasure to announce that from 1st August, I have accepted a position on the University of Winchester’s Board Audit Committee as external non-Governor member. It came about through a nominations process via the Nominations Committee, who … Read More >>

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Brexit: Negotiation skills are key to securing a good deal

Adam Merrett

29 July 2016

With her new Cabinet in place, new Prime Minister, Theresa May, faces a period of tough negotiations as she leads the nation in to independence from Europe. What happens next is unclear and it could take years for the process … Read More >>

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An Apprenticeship Levy learning curve

Dave Hedges

25 July 2016

I recently presented at a seminar at Southampton Solent University which focussed on the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy and its surrounding employment tax issues. The employers likely to be affected and the cost to them were key areas where … Read More >>

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Mediation to the rescue

Vee Bharakda

18 July 2016

Did you know that mediation can be traced back thousands of years, as far back as Ancient Greece? It was attributed to a philosophical movement that aimed to make people think about their relationships with others. Today, the roots of … Read More >>

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All change at the top for the beginning of a new journey…

Matthew Hall

15 July 2016

The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has assembled her team to take the country forward as we face issues such as Brexit, settling the markets, maintaining employment and ensuring economic growth.  Amongst the top team is: Philip Hammond – Chancellor … Read More >>

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Accounting should be front line in business crusade

Simon Woodhams

13 July 2016

We have now entered the “Golden Years” for small firms. Improved access to finance and better technology has paved the way for a record number of small businesses in the UK, with 5.4 million private sector businesses trading at the … Read More >>

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Brexit and the Direct Tax implications

Matthew Hall

12 July 2016

The dust is starting to settle following what many consider to be the surprise outcome from the EU referendum on 23 June.  You will have already seen responses from my colleagues in relation to VAT, Personal Taxes and Employment Taxes, … Read More >>

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SDLT: More concrete conclusions required

Tim Collerton

11 July 2016

As part of the initiative to enable more people to own their own homes, the Government recently put up Stamp Duty on second properties and is trying to encourage more house building. If the Stamp Duty increase was intended to … Read More >>

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The taxing consequences of Brexit: Personal tax

Paul Hopper

06 July 2016

As the dust settles following the long-awaited result from the EU referendum and with 52% of those who voted choosing to leave the EU, Britain will now go it alone from the rest of Europe. But what does this mean … Read More >>

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